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Tour Xplor Fuego, . At Xplor Fuego, the night comes to life so you can enjoy the same experiences as in the day, but ignited by the fire that will guide your way through all the adventures of the Park.Day or night, it’s always adventure time at Xplor!Live six great adventures of exploration at this definitive underground Park. Fly the highest Zip-lines in the destination, pilot Amphibious Vehicles through hidden caves and water obstacles, take a Raft along a subterranean river, swim in spectacular Stalactite Rivers, surprise yourself on a spelunking Hike beneath the surface, and splash down in a Hammock zip-line.


  • Buffet dinner (ribs or vegetarian options)
  • Unlimited non alcoholic beverages (coffee, atole, champurrado and fruit water)
  • Locker for 2 people
  • Rest areas
  • lockers
  • bathrooms
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 $ 140 00

* All prices are in USD

Tour Xplor Fuego Information


  • Optional gratuities
  • Photos

What to Bring

  • Use comfortable beachwear and swimming suit and shoes for water use (Remember you can purchase them at our shops in Xplor)
  • Bring a towel and extra clothes
  • Use biodegradable sunblock only


  • For zip lines activity the minimum height required is 3.6 ft and a weight of 88 lbs
  • Children over 5ft. but under 12 years of age, must present identification to verify their age
  • A minimum weight of 88 lbs (40 kg) is required, and a maximum weight of 300 lbs (136 kg)
  • The maximum circumference of the harness around the waist is 51 in (130 cm) and 27 in (70 cm) around each leg
  • If harness doesnt fit properly in the case of children for their own safety, they wont be able to do the activity


  • 6 Hrs Hrs
This price includes transportation

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